The Commemoration Has Concluded but the Legacies Continue!

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Be a Part of an American Story and a National Legacy

Volunteering for Plymouth 400 is a fantastic way to invest in the community, work side-by-side with some wonderful people, and be a part of the Plymouth 400 legacy. Don’t let history pass you by! 2020 is fast approaching and many hands are needed to help with the events that are coming to Plymouth and the surrounding towns.

Plymouth 400 holds regular Community Update Meetings to let people know about events and volunteer opportunities. Watch this PCN-PACTV video filmed a recent Community Update meeting to learn more, and then sign up to attend the next one.  Upcoming dates will be published here soon. 

To help us learn more about our volunteers, place you where you would like to be, and best utilize your skills, we ask that you please complete this Profile Sheet and return it to Cheryl Soares at

To receive our volunteer newsletter and update emails so you can always stay in the loop with upcoming training sessions, events, and opportunities, please send an email to

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