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NEWSMAKER: Mayflower descendant Brenton Simons helps connect the past to the present

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By Anastasia E. Lennon, The Patriot Ledger

President and CEO of the New England Historic Genealogical Society, Brenton Simons is hard at work to ensure millions of people learn about their shared heritage with the dozens of individuals who made the infamous trip to Plymouth 400 years ago.

NAME: D. Brenton Simons

AGE: 54

HOMETOWN: New Haven, Connecticut

IN THE NEWS: Recently appointed vice chairman of the Plymouth, Massachusetts 400th Anniversary Commission by Gov. Charlie Baker

NOW YOU KNOW: Simons is a 14th generation descendant of Plymouth governor and historian, William Bradford

HIS STORY: The Mayflower arrived on Cape Cod in November 1620 after a two-month voyage with 102 passengers aboard. Half would die in the following months during the first winter, but those who survived would go on to build houses, finally making this “new England” their home in 1621.

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