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Quilt Show Presented by the Plymouth County Cranberry Quilters.

Hours: 10am-4pm on Saturday and 10am-2pm on Sunday.


Exploration can be defined as a “thorough analysis of a subject or theme.” Through the theme of this quilt show, Follow Your Dreams, people are asked to explore the meaning that the theme holds for them and how to express that through the art of quilting. The Pilgrims followed their dreams for religious freedom, but the dream may look very different to different individuals. PCCQ Members and Plymouth students are invited to explore their interpretation of the theme and express it in a challenge quilt which will be on display at the Quilt Show.

The Plymouth County Cranberry Quilters are dedicated to educating people about the art of quilting through many avenues. They hold classes and workshops for their members and guests as well as for students through sewing classes. Their quilt shows are an opportunity for the community to learn about the art and history of quilting through displays and demonstrations. Quilting has always been an important part of our culture both for utilitarian purposes and as an art form and it is growing.

For more information, please contact Gail Butler at

or call 508.224.6655

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