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The Jenney Interpretive Centre is now OPEN. Please visit their website for ticketing.

The Jenney Interpretive Centre presents a 90-minute guided walk through the historic district of Plymouth. Learn about the people, places, and events of the beginning of our country as you walk along Town Brook on the same paths our forefathers walked hundreds of years ago. What led the Pilgrims to come to America? Is Plymouth Rock really the rock they stepped on?  Come find out. The tour includes Brewster Gardens, Plymouth Rock, the historic waterfront area and the monuments, Cole’s Hill, Leyden Street, and Town Square. This interpretive tour of the historic district is given by Leo Martin, Director of Pilgrim History at The Jenney, dressed in period clothing. Reservations are necessary and can be made by calling 508-747-4544.  The tour begins at the Jenney Interpretive Centre, 48 Summer Street in Plymouth. No tours on Sundays.

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