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Raise your tankard to a unique institution, The Pilgrim Society, founded by local residents and incorporated on January 24th, 1820 to preserve Plymouth’s early history. The Society founded Pilgrim Hall Museum in 1824, today America’s oldest continuously operating public museum; preserved Cole’s Hill and Plymouth Rock before donating those historic sites to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to create Pilgrim Memorial State Park, and created and built the National Monument to the Forefathers before donating that for public benefit to the Commonwealth.

Savor pours from local craft breweries, including Plymouth’s Independent Fermentations and Mayflower Brewing, and Devil’s Purse of Dennis, with music, tasty treats, and amazing 17th-century artifacts, including the 400-year old beer tankard brought on the Mayflower!

Tickets are $20 per person, and $15 for members.

The evening includes an invitation to help conserve the Bradford Patent, the Warren Family Napkin, and other historic treasures of Pilgrim Hall Museum’s collection.

This event is generously sponsored by participating breweries and Pioppi’s Package Store.

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