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5 Things You’ll Learn at Plymouth 400’s #AskPlymouth400 Community Updates

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We receive a lot of questions here at the Plymouth 400 office like “Why are we having a 400th celebration?” “Won’t that tie up traffic here in town?” and “Will there be a big parade downtown for 2020?”
We love hearing your questions, because that means you’re engaged and looking to be more informed about the 2020 Commemoration. That’s why we host monthly Community Update Meetings, which are free and open to the public, so that people can come and see the full plan for 2020 and ask us any questions, tell us any concerns, and give us any ideas they may have!
Here are a few things you’ll learn at one of our Community Updates:
1. What exactly is Plymouth 400?
Plymouth 400 is the nonprofit organization formed to plan and produce events commemorating the 1620 Mayflower Voyage and Founding of Plymouth Colony. Plymouth 400 is comprised of four staff members, a robust board of directors from Plymouth, Cape Cod, Boston, and everywhere in between, and dozens of volunteers who are as passionate about sharing our history as we are!
2. What kind of events will happen here in 2020?
In the years leading up to 2020, we’ll have historical and cultural exhibitions which will travel regionally and nationally to promote the commemoration, like “Our”Story: 400 Years of Wampanoag History. The 2020 Commemoration will be formally introduced to the world with an Opening Ceremony in November 2019, which will include participation from world leaders and celebrities. Over the course of 2020, Plymouth 400 will produce multi-day festivals celebrating the many cultures, religions, and histories of America. We’ll also host educational events and programs for students of all ages, from our youngest students to lifelong learners, which will be broadcast on the internet and connect students across the globe with the story and with one another. Each and every one of our Signature Events and Programs will honor the history, educate and engage visitors, and leave a legacy for generations to come.
3. What’s the point of hosting a big 400th anniversary?
Plymouth 400 has identified four main goals of the commemoration which are; tourism and economic development, national and international recognition, educational, cultural and civic engagement, and commemoration legacies. To sum it up, we’re planning these events because in 2020, the world’s eyes will turn to this region whether we like it or not- the Mayflower voyage and founding of Plymouth colony was an event that truly changed the course of world history. As a community, it is important that we are stewards of this story and share it with the world.
4. What’s being done in preparation for 2020?
Plymouth 400 hosts Pre-Commemoration Events and Programs which are designed to raise awareness for the 2020 Commemoration. These events include:
Bass & Blue Fishing Tournament and Seafood Event (July): An event to highlight our marine industry and the importance of our natural resources
Illuminate Thanksgiving (November): An event to promote gratitude and giving back to your community
Plymouth 400 is also supporting educational programming and our Education Committee is currently leading the Class of 2020 project and the Plymouth International Chorus. We’re working with the Town of Plymouth on wayfinding, redevelopment, economic development, and beautification projects. We’re engaging our legislators at the State and Federal levels to activate Commissions and secure funding. We’re working with our international partners in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands (and all over the world!) on collaborative programming for arts and culture organizations.
Most importantly, we’re building a network of supporters here in Plymouth, in Massachusetts, and across the country through the Plymouth 400 Partner Program and our Volunteer Corps. These people are the heart and soul of the commemoration, and we welcome anyone and everyone to our team!
5. Okay, you got me. How can I learn more and get involved?
Join us at our next Community Update meeting to learn more! Our next Community Update is June 21st at 5:30pm at the Plymouth Area Chamber of Commerce Foundation Building. (A full list of upcoming Community Updates can be found here.) Can’t make it? We’ll LIVE STREAM parts of this meeting on Facebook for all of our followers, so be sure to “Like” and “Follow” our page! You can also catch a glimpse of the March Community Meeting here: 

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