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Celebrate #GivingTuesday this weekend at the Hometown Cleanup!

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Celebrate #GivingTuesday this weekend at the annual Hometown Cleanup!
#GivingTuesday isn’t just about making a charitable donation to your favorite non-profit on December 2 (although it is HIGHLY recommended!), it’s about giving back to your community all season long!
We mentioned in our last blog post about #GivingTuesday that one great way to join in the #GivingTuesday fun is to participate in a community service project. Well, look no further because this Saturday we’ve got the perfect service project for you!
Saturday, November 1 is the TENTH annual Hometown Cleanup in Plymouth, MA, organized by the Plymouth Network of Open Space Friends, a network of volunteers who help care for parks, conservation lands and other open spaces in Plymouth.
As part of our #GivingTuesday campaign, the Plymouth 400 staff is creating a team for the Hometown Cleanup, and we’re inviting you to join us! If you’d like to join our team at the National Monument to the Forefathers this Saturday from 1-3PM, sign up through the official Signup Sheet and meet us there at 1PM (please RSVP to, too!). You can also create your own team or join one in a different area. The important thing is to get involved!
We’re so excited to be promoting #GivingTuesday in Plymouth all season long, with our wonderful non-profit partners and the rest of our exciting upcoming events, including Illuminate 2014 on November 21. If you’d like to get involved and volunteer at one of our events, like Illuminate 2014, contact us today through our website.
Photo Credit: Network of Open Space Friends

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