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Congratulations to Esther Grace Earl, our 2015 “One Small Candle Award” Recipient

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The idea behind Illuminate is to take William Bradford’s quote about the light kindled from just one small candle and use to honor our past and encourage everyone in their daily lives to become that flame. Esther Grace Earl is a shining example of this, and last weekend she received, posthumously, the first “One Small Candle Award” at Plymouth 400’s Illuminate event.
Based on William Bradford’s inspiring quote, The “One Small Candle Award” is presented annually to an individual who has become a positive force, despite obstacles, hardship and adversity.  One who teaches by example, and nurtures the light within all those whom they have touched. One person who’s tiny flame (or star) has illuminated the lives of many. This year’s recipient, Esther Grace Earl, inspired friends and followers during her short life, and her legacy lives on through her book and her foundation, This Star Won’t Go Out, as well as through Esther Day, a day about “telling people you love them,” according to author John Green.
Esther Grace was truly one small candle who lighted thousands of others through her words and her actions, and we are honored to have been able to present her award to her mother, Lori, and her sister, Evangeline, at Illuminate 2015.
We hope that you, too, will aim to be “one small candle” for your friends, your family, and your world!
Learn more about Esther Grace here.

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