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Three things we love here in the Plymouth 400 office are genealogy, history, and food. Put those things together and we’ve got ourselves a happy staff!
This weekend’s Forefathers Family Fun Day aims to highlight the cultural contributions and American traditions (including the recipes passed down through generation after generation) that began with the interaction of the Wampanoag and English peoples and continued to evolve with each additional wave of immigrants to this area. This multi-cultural festival will highlight the food, music, art, dancing, games, and traditions of Wampanoag Nation, the Mayflower descendants, Holland, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, and Brazil, and the iconic history and legacy of the Plymouth Cordage Company. Some of the foods being served at the event are recipes that have been passed down through generations of families, crossed oceans, and continue to satisfy people at dinner tables today.
What’s on the menu at Forefathers Family Fun Day?
You’ll find Brazilian churros, enrolodo de frango (wrapped chicken), and cocodas (sweet coconut candy); Wampanoag Indian tacos and sassafras tea; brick oven pizza from Italy; homemade Portuguese malasada, snacks and candies from Holland and Ireland; and good old American barbequed pulled pork sandwiches– just to name a few treats! 
You can also enjoy the music, dance, and games of each of these cultures, and kids are invited to participate in arts and crafts projects so they can take home a piece of their heritage (or just something they made for fun!).
Join us from noon to 4pm at the National Monument to the Forefathers for this FREE, family-friendly event!

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