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“How do you pronounce ‘Marylebone’?”
We’re working alongside Mayflower 400 UK, an organization based in Plymouth, England that’s planning the 400th anniversary of the Pilgrims setting sail from the Mayflower Steps and the deep connection this forged between our two countries. You may have heard of this organization already, as we’ve been collaborating on some educational opportunities including the Spirit of Discovery trip last November and the Plymouth Children’s Choir (featuring students from the US and UK).
While Americans typically find the word “Plymouth” easy to pronounce (probably because there are 30 cities, towns, and townships around the country sharing the name, according to the US Census), England’s lesser-known cities and towns can prove tricky. That is, if you’re not from Massachusetts! Check out this video from “Anglophenia: British Culture with an American Accent,” A BBC entertainment website, and see how many English names you can pronounce!


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