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#FoundingPartnerFriday: L. Knife & Sons

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We’re proud to have L. Knife & Sons as a Plymouth 400 Founding Business Partner!
Here’s why the team at this 116-year-old company says they support Plymouth 400:
The Pilgrim landing at Plymouth in 1620 represents the founding of America. The Pilgrims became the first successful immigration group in North America.  L Knife has a strong relationship to the town of Plymouth. The company was founded in 1898 by Luigi Cortelli, an Italian immigrant who started selling fruits and vegetables from a cart in North Plymouth. Continuing as a family company, L Knife has grown over the last 118 years as one of the largest beverage wholesalers in the country. Having our roots in Plymouth and recognizing the relevance of this upcoming anniversary to this country, we are proud to support Plymouth 400 to make this commemoration significant!

To become a Plymouth 400 Business Partner, contact Program Manager Cheryl Soares at 508-812-2020 ex. 112

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