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Plymouth Industrial Development Corporation (PIDC) was formed in 1962 to attract new industry and create jobs in Plymouth after the closing of the Plymouth Cordage Company. Although PIDC has recently dissolved having completed their mission, one of the company’s final contributions was a significant donation to Plymouth 400, Inc., making PIDC a Plymouth 400 Signature Sponsor.
After the closing of the Plymouth Cordage Company, which employed 20% of Plymouth’s work force, PIDC saw the potential “silver lining” unifying the town behind the goal of reinventing itself. For more than 50 years, PIDC bolstered Plymouth’s economy by establishing the Plymouth Industrial Park, recruiting 60 new companies which now employ more than 6,000 people, diversifying the economic base of the town. 
Over the last 50 years, PIDC has contributed to the Plymouth community and its surrounding areas a grand total of $8,124,246.11.
Plymouth’s 400th anniversary is another major milestone for the town, taking a page from PIDC’s strategy in recognizing the potential for new business, increased visitation, and meaningful legacy projects beyond 2020.  The oldest community in America, Plymouth has continued to thrive because of modern-day pioneers like the people behind PIDC. The Plymouth 400 Anniversary is yet another opportunity for Plymouth to be a shining example of how our past can inform our future as we look to maintain a vital community for generations to come.
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