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From the Executive Director’s Desk: Summer 2015

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In case you didn’t get a peek at our Summer Newsletter, below are the highlights from Plymouth 400 Executive Director Michele Pecoraro. 
She writes;
The momentum for Plymouth 400 increases daily. Since our last communication in May we have seen some great progress.
Our license plate initiative was handed off to the RMV in April and we expect that those who applied will receive letters from the Registry sometime in October. We will continue to promote the license plate which will be sold through the Registry, creating a solid revenue stream for Plymouth 400’s plans.
Our Partner Program is gaining momentum. See the update and businesses that have come onboard below.
We have receive some nice media on our recent events and programs. Click here to see some of our recent press.
We have been rallying our State and Federal governments for support for this important commemoration. In addition to our local rep from Congressman Keating’s office, we have a direct liaison to his Washington office as well. Having met with the Lieutenant Governor in May, we are working with the Governor’s office in anticipation of a State Commission to be formed. By November, our Federal delegation will embark on forming a Federal Commission. Among their tasks, these government bodies will be helpful in planning for transportation, infrastructure, identifying funding sources and connecting with VIP’s and Heads of State to invite the for the 2020 events.
Both of Plymouth 400’s Exhibits are gaining traction. Our Story: A Wampanoag History, has traveled to several locations and we are finding there is a demand across New England to host this cutting edge exhibit. Plymouth 1620-2020 is approaching the build stage and has the attention of several interested museums across the country. Both exhibits draw attention to the 400th anniversary and act as ambassadors for the Signature events and programs of 2020.
We are so pleased to have welcomed Mayflower II back to the Plymouth waterfront for another season. Mayflower II, owned by Plimoth Plantation requires some important restoration in order to be prepared for the many visitors it will expect in 2020. If you are interested in finding out how you can help this American Icon, click here.
With 4 years and 63 days to go, we are moving at a fast but judicious pace toward what is arguably the most significant anniversary our country has seen to date. The coming of Mayflower, founding of Plymouth Colony and the intersection of two completely different cultures, Wampanoag and English, is something to which every American can relate. We are harnessing that knowledge to engage people in this most important commemoration for our country, and for the economic wellbeing of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
Kind regards,
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