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MassRealty featured Plymouth 400 in an article for their online publication this month. Here’s a short excerpt:
The Mayflower embarked on a momentous trans-Atlantic voyage that ultimately resulted in the creation of a permanent European colony in New England. That colony was unique because it was not created as a business venture like the three previous settlements in the New World, but as a way for pilgrims to enjoy freedom of religion.
The Wampanoag play a critical role in ensuring the settlers’ survival. Tisquantum, a Wampanoag, served as translator and guide to the pilgrims, and taught them how to grow food in the unfamiliar landscape. This relationship was forever immortalized when President Abraham Lincoln declared Thanksgiving a national holiday in honor of the first meal that the pilgrims and Wampanoag shared together.
Communications coordinator at Plymouth 400 Sheila Fey outlines the mission of the organization as leading the planning and implementation of programs commemorating the four hundred year anniversary of the Mayflower voyage and founding of the Plymouth Colony.
“The mission of our organization is to create a commemoration that is historically accurate, culturally inclusive, and brand-enhancing for both Plymouth County and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and we expect the number of visitors to our already thriving destination to increase dramatically in 2020,” she says.
Read the full article here.


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