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If you drove by Memorial Hall on December 31, you might have been surprised to see a red carpet flanked by trumpeters, massive ice sculptures, and ladies and gentlemen entering the venue wearing masquerade masks. What was the occasion? Plymouth’s inaugural Midnight Masquerade New Year’s Eve event, produced by the Plymouth Rocks New Year’s Eve Committee. The event was a fundraiser for Plymouth 400, and co-chairs Jeff Cohen and Coralee Burke spent almost two years preparing for their largest event to date.
If you didn’t make it to this year’s Midnight Masquerade, here are some photos to show you what you missed (and hopefully encourage you to attend next year!)!

(Photo Credits: Row 1: Bill Brett; Row 2: Dan Rapoza; Row 3 and Row 4: Denise Maccaferri)
Here’s where you can find even more great photos from this event:
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