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New Year, New Cultural District!

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New Year, New Cultural District!
You may have heard mentions around town of a new Cultural District in town; the Plymouth Bay Cultural District has officially been designated by the Massachusetts Cultural Council as the 27th in the Commonwealth. We’ve been working hard with the Cultural District Committee to secure this designation for Plymouth’s first Cultural District, and we’re excited to receive our official designation letter at the end of this month!
In the meantime, we thought we’d share with you how the Plymouth Bay Cultural District got its name; meet Samantha Marino and Leanne Anderson, Plymouth South High School seniors in the marketing program and the masterminds behind the district’s inspired title. Here’s the scoop on how these students became involved with the Town’s Cultural District Committee and their thoughts on what the Plymouth Bay Cultural District can bring to Downtown Plymouth:

P400: How did you get involved in the cultural district?
Leanne A: My classmate Sam and I are involved in a nationwide educational competition called DECA. Every year we compete in events related to business, marketing, and entrepreneurship. For our project this year, we decided to see how we could get involved with Plymouth 400.
Sam M: Our teacher got in contact with the Plymouth 400 staff, who thought that the best idea would be for us to help with the marketing of the soon-to-be cultural district. We were asked if we would be able to attend the committee meetings as well as create a name for the district.
P400: How did the name “Plymouth Bay Cultural District” come about?
LA: We prepared a PowerPoint presentation asking for help from the entire Plymouth South marketing program. In the program, there are over 50 students, so we figured with all of our heads put together we could come up with something.
SM: We started brainstorming to see what they first thought of when they think about Plymouth. We made a web on the whiteboard of everyone’s thoughts and ideas and after trying just about every combination we could think of, soon enough we came up with the name, Plymouth Bay Cultural District.
P400: Why do you think Plymouth should have a cultural district?
LA: I think we should have a district to highlight the artistic aspects of the town and show what we really have to offer. We really want to focus on the fact that we are more than just a rock and a boat.
SM: So many people who live here don’t realize how much there is to do. We have been involved with the Cultural District Committee for a little over three months and we have learned more about the town than we have living here our entire lives.
P400: What’s your favorite “cultural asset” in the district?
LA: My favorite is definitely Anna’s Harborside Grille. I don’t think I have ever eaten anything more delicious than their Aegean Fries. They’re amazing!  
SM: I’d have to go with Waterstreet Café because they have THE best breakfast downtown. You can’t go wrong.
P400: What are you most excited about with the new cultural district?
LA: I’m excited for all of the upcoming events that the town is planning. There is already so much to do, and now with the cultural district there will be even more. It’s great to see the town’s growth.
SM: I’m excited for the district to show what Plymouth is all about. It’s those nooks and crannies that make the town what it is, and those are the parts of the district that we should really show off, and I can’t wait to see when that takes off.
Check out the Plymouth Bay Cultural District’s new Facebook page, where we’ll be posting updates on the district designation as well as events and programs within the district!

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