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Plymouth 400’s Executive Director Visits the UK

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Michele Pecoraro, our executive director, is in the UK this week meeting with the United States Ambassador to the UK Matthew Barzun, key government officials, tourism entities, educational institutions, and other international partners and stakeholders in the Plymouth 400 anniversary.
She is joined by Anita Walker, Director of the Massachusetts Cultural Council, and Lea Filson, Governor General of the Mayflower Society of Mayflower Descendants.
Adrian Vinken, OBE and chair of the Mayflower 400 UK Leadership Group in the UK (the organization planning the UK’s 2020 commemoration), said in a press release, “When we started out on this campaign two years ago we probably wouldn’t have thought that we’d be welcoming Ambassador Barzun to Plymouth and yet we’re honoured by his presence here today. For an occasion as globally significant as Mayflower 400 anything is possible.”
Plymouth 400 formalized our relationship with Mayflower 400 UK last March, when we hosted a delegation of five representatives from the City of Plymouth UK to discuss plans afor 2020 on both sides of the Atlantic. The US/UK partnership has already made strides in providing educational programming for students both here and in the UK, through exciting new initiatives like the Plymouth International Chorus and the Spirit of Discovery project, and this trip comes at a momentous time for Plymouth 400, as we just recently received a formal letter of support from Governor Charlie Baker.
Check out some of Michele’s photos from her UK travels on our Facebook page!

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