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As the old advertisements used to say, “Be the first to on your block to have one!”
In this case, we’re talking about a really unique item: Something that, thus far, does not even exist.
It’s the Plymouth 400th Anniversary commemorative license plate.
Here are the facts and figures.
Until Plymouth 400 Inc. has received 1,500 paid 2020 applications, this specially designed license plate will not be put into production.
As of this week, 1,211 Massachusetts residents had filled out a form expressing their interest in obtaining one of these plates. But less than 200 have actually paid the $40 fee.
There is also an opportunity to get a unique, low-number license plate with a few restrictions.
· You won’t get the year of your birth, not now at least – unless you were born between 1 and 1500 A.D. The first batch of numbers will include 1 through 1500.
· Numbers 1-99 and 10 other numbers have been reserved use as a fundraiser auction.
The 10 pre-reserved numbers are 1620, 1621, 1623, 1627, 1820, 1824, 1863, 1920, 1957 and 2020, itself.
But there are still plenty of numbers left.
If you’re name is Norman, you might want the number 1066, to celebrate your ancestors’ invasion of England.
If every time you walk into a room people break out into Gregorian chants, 666 may be your number.
If you’re of Italian descent and, frankly, a bit miffed at the way Cristoforo Columbus is treated these days, 1492 might add an ironic twist to the celebration. Then, again, if you’re a Native American, you might want to take this number out of circulation.
The big number of course is 400.
Participating in this program does two things for Plymouth 400 Inc., the nonprofit responsible for producing the main events for the celebration.
First, it earns the organization a little money.
But, secondly, and perhaps more importantly, the appearance of these plates will help promote all of the anniversary events.
The plates will actually function as mini, mobile billboards that will travel all around the country subtly reminding people of Plymouth’s 400th anniversary.
So let’s get this party started.
Sign up – and pay – for your plate today.
Visit the 400 website ( and reserve one of the first 1,500.

By Frank Mand
Wicked Local Plymouth
Posted Dec 06, 2012 @ 02:00 PM

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