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#TravelTuesday: Greetings from Kentucky

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This #TravelTuesday, we’re sharing a note we received from a high school history class in Louisville, Kentucky.
This group of students recently wrapped up their lesson on the Mayflower Compact and founding of Plymouth Colony and realized that the 400th anniversary of this important piece of American history is approaching! Mr. Owens’ class reached out to us to share their excitement about the Plymouth 400 anniversary; which is truly An American Story– A National Legacy! Here’s the advice they had for us here in America’s Hometown:
Hello Plymouth, Massachusetts from Louisville, Kentucky! Our American Government and Politics class at Atherton High School recently completed our study of the Mayflower Compact and the founding of Plymouth and wanted pass along our support for your upcoming 400th Anniversary. 
Teaching this historical event is more than just a requirement…it is an honor. The history of Plymouth is not only fascinating but it is an extremely important incident in the political landscape of our nation. What many people tend to forget or often times forget to teach, is that the Mayflower Compact was the first true document of self-rule established in the New World.
We often take for granted how difficult the concept of self-government truly must have been for those individuals aboard the Mayflower. After an extremely harsh sea voyage and losing the lives of loved ones on that journey, the last thing that most people would be worried about would be rules and social order. However, despite the hardships faced, this band of separatists conceived a document that allowed them to survive in a civil and positive fashion.
Was the document or the pilgrims perfect? Of course not but it’s our job as educators, parents, and mentors to teach the imperfections while still revering the pilgrims as a revolutionary group who made positive strides for freedom and laid some of the first building blocks of our new nation. The settlers of the earliest colonies such as Plymouth were already drawing the blue print for the embodiment of the American spirit. 
As you work towards your 400th Anniversary, remember to have a tremendous amount of fun but do not forget to honor the political, historical, and social impacts of Pilgrims. We, in Louisville, are envious of your position on the map and would love to join you for your celebration in a few years. Perhaps, if you guy and gals s come and celebrate a fairly well known horse race with us, we will come and celebrate your anniversary with you! Good luck, god speed, and let us know if there is anything we can do to help!
The Students of Atherton High School, Louisville, Ky
And their instructor Aaron Owens

We couldn’t agree more with your class, Mr. Owens! It is truly an honor for us to be commemorating America’s earliest beginnings, and we hope that you’ll come visit in 2020! 
Is your class studying the founding of Plymouth Colony this fall? Share your stories with us! Email and you could be featured on our blog!

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