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What will YOU #AskPlymouth400?
Plymouth 400 is hosting a community meeting on Wednesday, March 4 at 6:30pm at the Plymouth Area Chamber of Commerce Building, located at 134 Court Street.
Did you know that Tourism is the #1 industry in Plymouth, Massachusetts?
How about the fact that 1.5 million people choose Plymouth as a tourism destination each year? Plimoth Plantation alone sees about 340,000 visitors annually.
Did you know that all of these visitors to Plymouth spent more than $350 million last year in our town alone?
America is poised for an anniversary of national and international significance, the 400th Anniversary of the Mayflower voyage and the founding of Plymouth Colony.
What’s the Plan?
Plymouth 400, Inc., the nonprofit organization developing the plans for this commemoration, is planning Signature Events and Programs which will include historical and cultural exhibitions, live televised and web events, multi-day festivals, original arts and entertainment collaborations and educational programming and resources. Signature Events and Programs will take place between 2014 and 2020, and will be located throughout Plymouth Colony. 
We also produce a series of Pre-Commemoration Events to take place leading up to 2020, which were created as community outreach and marketing outlets for Plymouth 400 and our partners. Currently, our Pre-Commemoration Events include the Bass & Blue Fishing Tournament, Forefathers Family Fun Day, Plymouth 400’s Annual Meeting, Illuminate, a Wampanoag Relay Race, and the Midnight Masquerade. These events will grow over time and become a major part of Plymouth 400’s 2020 commemoration.
Why should I care?
The Plymouth 400 commemoration will significantly impact the economy both locally and statewide, and will increase visibility in national and international markets. Here’s just a snapshot of what 2020 will bring:
A projected 6 million visitors to Plymouth through leisure, educational, business and diplomatic travel exchange in 2020*
Visitors will spend a projected $1.4 billion in Plymouth in 2020 alone*
An estimated 4,000 – 5,000 new jobs will be created over the next 5 years in Plymouth*
New lodging & tourism product will be created, as well as new business opportunities
Increase in visitors will result in a rise in lodging and meals tax revenue. The local meals tax (a .075 percent additional tax on restaurant meals and prepared foods) generated $468,000 in its first four months last year, as reported by the Old Colony Memorial
How will this all affect me, as a local resident?
Let’s face it- more visitors to Plymouth means more dollars in our local economy. This doesn’t just benefit the Downtown shops and restaurants; it will allow for more Town funding to go towards our roads and infrastructure (which is so desperately needed after a winter like this one!). It will allow our already thriving cultural and historical institutions to grow and reach even more minds. Students will have access to top-notch resources on Plymouth’s history and will be able to continue to share the lessons learned here, both before and after 1620.
Most importantly, this commemoration is about telling the story of Plymouth Colony and its rich history. The legacies sparked by the historic events that happened here— exploration, innovation, self-governance, religious freedom, and thanksgiving— live on today as cornerstones of our nation. As residents of arguably the most historic town in America, we are stewards of our story and we have a responsibility to share it with the world.
What happens after 2020?
We’re working to ensure that the economic impact of the Plymouth 400 commemoration will last long after the final event is over. That’s why we’re partnering with other historic brands across the Commonwealth that are approaching their 400th anniversaries—namely Quincy in 2025, Salem in 2026, and Boston in 2030—to create partnerships that will allow these communities to cross-promote and leverage all of these significant anniversaries through at least 2030. You can learn more about this by checking out the Massachusetts 400 Forum.
I have questions. I have concerns. I want to get involved. Who can I talk to?
You can #AskPlymouth400! We’re hosting our first Community Meeting on Wednesday, March 4 at 6:30pm at the Plymouth Area Chamber of Commerce Building to give locals a chance to hear firsthand what Plymouth 400 is up to and offer their input. We want to encourage an open dialog and get YOUR support so that we can ensure Plymouth and the surrounding areas will leverage this historic milestone for the most favorable impact.
Join us on March 4, or weigh in on social media! You can tweet your questions to @Plymouth_400 or ask via Facebook by using the hashtag #AskPlymouth400.
*Estimations calculated in coordination with Destination Plymouth using its current reports on tourism in Plymouth.

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