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“As a company that promotes distinctive destinations in the U.S. to the international market, there’s none better than ‘America’s hometown.’  TourMappers is proud to support and honor the 400th anniversary of this most significant event in our history that helped shape the legacy of America.”

—  Julie Katz, Managing Director, TourMappers

Plymouth 400 offers Business and Organizational Partnerships that keep you involved and help to promote your organization or business.

Organizational and Business categories allow flexibility to work in concert with non-profits and foundations while providing exposure for businesses. Benefits of the Plymouth 400 Partner Program include recognition at our annual Pre-Commemoration events, Signature Events and Programs of 2020, media exposure, and more. We know that our Partners are an integral part in the 2020 Commemoration, so we try to highlight their support in any way that we can (like in the above video featuring Plymouth 400 Patron Partner White Wood Kitchens). Join our growing network of more than one hundred businesses and organizations working together to produce an incredible Plymouth 400 Commemoration!

Contact us today for more info: (508) 812-2020 or via email at

Plymouth 400 Business Partners are defined as small businesses, corporations, restaurants, or other for-profit organizations which will pledge support in the form of monetary and in-kind donations to Plymouth 400.

Plymouth 400 Organizational Partners are defined as membership organizations, not-for-profits, foundations, faith-based organizations, towns, or communities which will pledge support in the form of marketing and outreach opportunities for Plymouth 400 to their respective memberships, communities, or constituents.



Get on the Official Plymouth 400 2020 Calendar by planning an event or program! To host a Sanctioned Event, Partners must follow official guidelines, consisting of a few simple criteria that revolve around the goals and themes of the commemoration. Events can be anything from a lecture or tour to a full-scale event. They can be existing events that manifest the themes and goals of the Plymouth 400 commemoration in the year 2020. New events can also be created by Partners, especially for the anniversary.  All Sanctioned Events will be part of the year-long Plymouth 400 Official Calendar for 2020 and will appear wherever calendar listings are placed, including our website,

For more information on Sanctioned Events, please click to download these forms:

To apply to host a Sanctioned Event, please return the Sanctioned Event – Program Proposal Form to Cheryl Soares at



Plymouth 400 Business Partners at the Patron and above levels will be included in an advertorial as part of your rights and benefits package. Advertorials are published monthly in select Gatehouse Media publications such as the Old Colony Memorial and the Patriot Ledger. For more information about the advertorial program, please contact Cheryl Soares.  Here’s a sample on 1620 Winery & Winebar:





How would you like one of these Plymouth 400 T-shirts?  To get one, simply refer us to a business owner who would be interested in being a Plymouth 400 Partner! For more information, please download our Referral Form

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