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Jean Leon Gerome Ferris’ famous oil painting The First Thanksgiving is one of a number of paintings dedicated to capturing that world-famous meal. The presence of immigrant men, women, and children, along with native Wampanoag is clearly depicted, but what is a dog doing there? Did the Pilgrims have pets?
The answer to that question is a resounding yes!
That English springer spaniel is one of two dogs brought over on the Mayflower, along with several chickens, cats, and at least one goat! The spaniel with his fellow dog and probably best friend, a Mastiff, were brought over by John Goodman. Goodman was a servant of William White, and both were signers of the Mayflower Compact. Both of these dogs were very important to the survival of the colony! They provided the Mayflower passengers with companionship, protection, and aid in hunting.
One story describes Goodman and his dogs going deep into the wilderness in search of roofing supplies. Goodman, along with fellow Pilgrim Peter Browne, became lost with his dogs. Trapped in the cold darkness of winter, Goodman and Browne would have surely perished without the mastiff and spaniel to guide them back to the colony. The weather was so bad that Goodman’s frozen boots had to be cut from his feet!​

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