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It’s soon to be Independence Day, and you know what that means!
Huge explosions in the sky, absurd amounts of grilling, and your neighbors’ pets hiding under sofas in abject horror. But what is the true history of this day? It’s quite easy to simply respond, “The day America got its freedom!” but there is a much larger history to that!
A hot day in June back in 1776. The Colonies’ Second Colonial Congress gathers together in Philadelphia with the goal of writing up a document to break their ties with Great Britain. Thomas Jefferson is tasked by the Congress to draw up said document, and after 86 changes this official letter – The Declaration of Independence – is adopted.
On July 4th, 1776.
Celebrations of this day started the following year, but established as an official holiday until 1870 (and wasn’t a paid holiday for federal employees until 1938!)
But did you know this holiday is bigger than just the U.S.?
It’s also celebrated in Denmark!
Since 1911 thousands of Danes have been celebrating this American tradition! Known as Rebildfesten, celebrations begin on July, 2nd and filled with feasting, music, and fireworks!
Sound familiar?
Have a safe and happy Fourth, all!
Did you know?
The Philippines also celebrates the 4th of July as an independence day! On that day in 1946 it was given independence by the United States!

History of Independence Day

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