The Commemoration Has Concluded but the Legacies Continue!

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Here’s how you can win a free Plymouth 400 license plate

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We’re less than 140 away from our goal of 1,500! Here’s how you can snag yourself a Plymouth 400 commemorative plate:
FACEBOOK: Will you help us get to 1,620 likes on Facebook? We’re giving a license plate to one of our next 300 followers- once we HIT 1,620, we’ll pick a winner!
INSTAGRAM: Snap a photo of your favorite view of Plymouth, share it on Instagram, tag @Plymouth_400, and include #Plymouth400 and #iheartPlymouthMA. On September 16 (the day the Pilgrims left Plymouth, England on the Mayflower in 1620), we’ll announce our favorite photo with the help of local photographers Wes Ennis, Lauren Foley, and Dan Rapoza. The winner will receive a free Plymouth commemorative license plate!
TWITTER: Follow us on Twitter (@Plymouth_400) and we’ll tweet out special challenges throughout the day while we’re at the Downtown Plymouth Waterfront Festival on August 23rd. You might be asked to take a photo with a certain performer at the event, or answer a trivia question about Plymouth- follow along and participate in each challenge and you could win Plymouth 400 swag, tickets to local attractions, or a Plymouth commemorative license plate! Make sure you tag your tweets #Plymouth400.
We can’t wait to see who wins a free license plate from our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter contests, but you can also purchase your own Plymouth license plate for $40 and choose your plate number today. Custom numbers between 101 and 1,600 are available.
Whether you’ve lived in Plymouth your whole life (sometimes known as a “townie”), you’re new to the area and want to become more involved, or you’ve moved away from the area and want to represent America’s Hometown in your new place of residence (it’s a statewide plate!), the Plymouth plate is a wonderful way to show off your Plymouth pride and support the events and programs commemorating the town’s 400th anniversary.
We are less than 140 plates away from our goal of 1,500! Where will your P400 plate take you? We can’t wait to find out!

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